JAN 11-30, Estrad Norr

FEB 1, Ås Skola

FEB 2, Lillhärdal

MAY 9-11, Spring Moves Festival, WEXFORD


May 13, Kildare (TBC)


MAY 17, LARAGH, Co Wicklow

OCT 9-11, WCAC (TBC)


45 min | Minimum stage: 8x8 m | Live music | Black Box | Family friendly | 3 performers

Lumen exists in the borderland. Between music and dance, human body and machine, between sunset and sunrise. Using sound, light, movement, video and voice the stage becomes an animated space that vibrates, shivers, thunders, glitters and glows, bowing to the beauty of the natural world.

Calling on the imagination and celebrating the innocent, this family friendly trio lets the body share shape with the land around us. It is a work that brings the audience in to the ritual, as if earth was speaking to us, urging us to remember how to love and protect, how to go back to nature and to dreaming. 

LUMEN is a metamorphic, rampant, botanical showdown highlighting topics of biodiversity, beauty, worldbuilding and the interconnectedness of all living things.