Dance-theatre by choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller

Dancers: Marcia Liu (CHN), Mikel Aristequi (ESP), Elin Hedin (SWE), Kevin Coquelard (FRA) och Sara Ezzell (USA). 

“deepf-felt, heartfelt, exquisitely tender” **** The Arts Review

Tour 2022:

26/8 Centrum, Hammarstrand 

27/8 Frälsningsarmén, Östersund 

29/8 Kaxås Bygdegård + livemusik med The Sei

30/8 Öna, Mora + livemusik med The Sei

31/8 Bergfästet, Laxå

1/9 STPLN, Malmö 

1/11 D-Light Studios, Dublin

2/11 D-Light Studios, Dublin

4/11 West Cork Art Centre, Skibbereen

7.30 PM | TICKETS: 18€ 



Merry.Go.Round is both dance and theatre, movement and poetry. The sound score is a mix of Swedish jazz, opera, pop and NASA’s sound recordings of our solar system. Performed by an international cast of five excellent dancers, it is a show full of improvisation and presence, different each time, and hard to put into words. Press has described it as “a cinematic car crash” (Marie Palmqvist, Länstidningen  2017), and as “pure emotion”. (Seona Mac Reamoinn,The Irish Times 2017)

Between 2012 - 2017 choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller made three pieces all around the theme of our last unclaimed territories - Terra Nullius. The first, Last Land was an imaginary journey to Antarctica and Bir Tawil desert, followed by Founder - a deep dive to our unknown and elusive deep sea floor. Merry.Go.Round is the last piece in the series and is looking out into space and the unknown future of mankind. 

In different ways, all three pieces highlight our shifting relationship to nature and environment, and are taking a closer look at the unknown - the borderland where science gives way to myth. 

Merry.Go.Round weaves this together while also taking a closer look at the romantic myth - the many stories and ideas about love, romance and relationships that have dominated the western world since early medieval days. It is a piece about our shared longing for home and authentic connections. Through loops and orbits, in a dance that is as much cosmic and celestial as it is human and recognisable, the five dancers tumble around each other in a world that often seems to suffer from post-romantic stress disorder. While the work contains an obvious reference to the movements of celestial bodies, our understanding of the universe, gravity and even time itself, the main concern is questions of a more humane character: What happens when you join another person’s orbit? How can you stay together when your paths are splitting apart?


Here we are now, in the midst of a time of change, at the borders of the unknown guided by myth, folklore and science. We hope you want to share this evening with us, that you will enjoy some of Europe's finest dancers, and that we together can do a few more turns around the sun.. 

merry.go.round is performed at 7.30pm. All venues have wheelchair access. 

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This tour Merry.Go.Round 2022 was supported by the Swedish Arts Council. It is part of a sustainable and more ecological touring route connecting Sweden and Ireland via land, bringing dance to rural communities and alternative venues.


Choreography, Design, Concept: Maria NIlsson Waller

Dramaturgy: Stace Gill

Assistant Producer: Thomasine Boris Möller