We cannot save the planet until we love it first

Flora Fauna Project is a production house rooted in dance and music led by choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller and electronic composer/video-artist Stace Gill (The Sei). We mainly create work for stage, video and installation.

We believe in the power of story-telling, and are looking for brave, ambitious, new and thought-provoking ways to communicate and engage with our audiences, both on and off stage.

We want our audiences to feel that there is still hope, that they live in a marvellous world and time, that we are responsible and have much influence over whatever future we set in motion.  Flora Fauna Project brings people together, reminding them they are not alone and there is power in numbers. Through our stage work, as well as our workshops we want to communicate this: Strength and truth prevail when we go truly deep within, leading to an autonomous and planet loving conscious human being who has learned to love by being loved. 

Our performers are professional and non-professinal artists. Weather you are a professional dancer, school child or regular adult we believe that the creative and artistic process gives a space and a language in which we grow to understand ourselves and our world better. We believe we are all creative and we can explore our creativity scientifically or artistically. We are passionate about opening the doors to true exploration for all age groups. Through our work we create a space where stories are being born and where we learn to listen carefully to ourselves and others. We create and invite others in to an allowing and non- judgemental space where we inspire and support each other in order to bring out each collaborators full potential. We want to create good examples of fair and constructive working conditions where art and creativity are truly valued and can be unleashed as a powerful force of growth and positive change. This is the ethos in all the work we do.

The format and method developed throughout the Flora Fauna Project is a unique blend of movement practice and philosophy informed by Maria’s 17 years experience as a dance artist and teacher, together with Stace’s Montessori teacher degree prior to her career as a composer and video artist. Curious, explorative, playful and hopeful, the aim is that all who join us will be directed back to themselves, ready to discover the world again with open minds and alert hearts.

We believe that conversations around current global topics like sustainability, evolution, our relationship to nature and eachother are urgent and need to take place in every realm of our society, and that the artists voices are important. The theatres are real and much needed meeting points where ideas can be shared and discussed. We therefore always include audience conversations with our work. Through these talks we want to encourage new and better dialogue around the conditions we live in, encourage individual responsibility as well as greater access to our innate natural intelligence and a sense of collective possibility. We are not pointing fingers, but hope to encourage and mobilise everyone on the journey towards a better future. 

We are based in Glendalough, Ireland. Much of our thinking and dreaming is done here. What is more trustworthy than nature?