Our output is dance, sound, visual installation and education. We spend more and more time living and interacting in a virtual world where time and attention is a fought over commodity. We want to change the way we relate to people online and fill this space with meaningful creativity by making and sharing something of beauty and value, that is available at no cost. We want to encourage a more respectful way of relating to our fellow men, women and children in this virtual realm of our society.

THE RIVER | 2020

Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

THE RIVER | 2020

Online series, The River.

SUN SUN SUN | 2020

Opening track for The River, THE SEI. 

(Full EP here.)

DANCE PLATFORM | 2019 | 2020

D-Light Studios, Dublin. Project Arts Centre, Dublin. 

FLORA + FAUNA | 2018

Riksteatern Hallunda. Estrad Norr/Jämtlands Kulturkompani, Östersund. 

METROMA | 2018

Title track for Flora+Fauna, THE SEI. 

(More music here.)